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    • Sensation

      Our Sensation series of premium mattresses features a water repelling fabric layer that helps to mitigate any fluid absorption during water spillage while offering the comforts of a hybrid mattress. Its water repelling layer i...

    • Puresilk

      As an all climate fabric, there is nothing that comes close to the queen of fabrics. Silk is often prized for their l uxurious softness. Our Puresilk series of mattress offers a delightful tactile feel with a high level of comf...

    • Pearl

      For better overall fluffiness, there is no better choice than our Pearl series of mattresses which uses ‘mercerised’ treated cotton for additional comfort. This process involves treating the cotton fibers to give it an...

    • Nanosilver

      Protecting your family from harmful elements can give you sleepless nights especially when living in humid and damp environments. Moisture is a conduit that often leads to

      fungal and bacterial growth in mattresses and t...

    • Ecosleep Pillow

      Designed to support your head and neck for optimum rest. The Ecosleep pillow is encased in a pure silk cover for cool comfort or warmth for all climates and weather.

      •Pure latex foam
      •Neck supp...

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